Lasson Receives OEF Grant

Teachers from all over the Owasso district applied for grants from the Owasso Education Foundation.  Lucky teachers whose grants were accepted received great news from the OEF on Friday as they traveled from school to school delivering good news, just like Santa and his Elves.
The Santa train pulled into the Smith station and dropped great news to special education teacher, Heather Lasson.  Mrs. Lasson, entering her 2nd year at Smith, was excited and surprised by the financial gift she received.  Her grant was just one of the approximately $62,000 dollars handed out on Friday.  
If not for the OEF many teacher needs would go unmet, but thankfully Owasso has a strong history of supporting teachers and helping them to meet and exceed the needs of its students.  Thanks to the Owasso Education Foundation for their continued support of students and teachers.  
Congratulation Mrs. Lasson!