Fourth Grade Mathematics is another important year as we learn to take concepts learned throughout the past 4 years of school and begin to combine them to complete bigger concepts. Knowing the basic facts is the BIGGEST stumbling blocks 4th graders have in Math. Students MUST KNOW, with immediate recall, basic addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts. Please begin now working with your child to review/learn these before school starts. This one practice can make a huge difference in how well your child enjoys & succeeds in mathematics.
There is a parent app called "PearsonBouncePages" that goes with our math series. It is designed to help with any lessons your child is struggling with.

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Image result for video clip art Multiplication Help
(click the number to see a short multiplication video on that number)
0    2    3     4     5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12
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 (When you click on these numbers you can hear a short audio of each number's multiples)
2      3     4      5     6      7      8     9    10    11    12