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Our Mission

The Hayward Smith Elementary faculty and staff believe that all children can learn. We believe it is possible for all students, given the appropriate curriculum, motivation, and supportive environment, to learn when they are emotionally and developmentally ready. We believe it to be our purpose to provide all students with an appropriate education and the opportunity to acquire academic skills while developing socially and emotionally. We readily accept the responsibility for the instruction of students to maximize their potential.

School Profile

Our Highly Qualified staff is committed to the belief that all students can learn if we work together as students, parents, and teachers to accomplish our goals. Our classes generally have twenty-four or fewer students per class. We have one-to-one Chromebooks for students in Grades 1st -5th. In addition, all classrooms are equipped with networked, multimedia computers. We also offer a number of special programs as well as a range of extracurricular activities, including Honor Choir and Safety Patrol, and Running Club.


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